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Negotiating With Emotional Intelligence

Written by Stasia Rice Posted in Blog

There are many opportunities in our lives and careers to negotiate for what we want:

·         The cost, scope or schedule of your next project

·         The sale price of a car or house

·         Your starting salary or vacation benefits for a new job

·         Your upcoming performance raise

Many notable authors and scholars have pointed out the advantages of using emotional intelligence in these scenarios.  My experience with these concepts is that I need to break them down in to very simple terms so that I can remember them in the “heat of the moment” and under the stress that negotiations typically put on us.

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Emotional Intelligence - Is It the Foundation of Great Leadership?

Posted in Blog

Emotional Intelligence - Is It the Foundation of Great Leadership?

Decades ago, this concept of Emotional Intelligence in leadership would not have appeared in many writings about what makes great leadership. There are plenty critics of the concept and its relationship to successful leaders. My intent is not to defend nor prove any research that has been done. Rather, I want to share my years of observation and study of leaders and the impact of EQ.  Let's start with the definition of Emotional Intelligence - skill in perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions and feelings.  There are more expanded and varying versions but this one captures the essence of the definition.

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Idea Champions Make Great Leaders

Written by Michelle Braden, CEO Posted in Blog


What sets a great leader apart from a good leader?  We know it is not title and not even experience.  Leaders who reach the summit level of leadership either through their title or their own personal development (should be a combination of both) will have mastered all of the other levels of leadership competencies.  Competencies such as:

·    integrity

·    emotional intelligence

·    ownership mindset

·    outstanding communicator

·    relationship management

·    confidence

·    advanced people skills

·    critical thinking

·    change agent

·    business acumen

·    executive presence and

·    community focus

With this extensive list…. What skills are left to develop at the top?  To reach the peak of leadership competencies a leader should live a life that demonstrates:

·    authenticity

·    a belief in and a champion of people

·    a visionary leader

·     idea champion

Let’s focus on the competency of being an “idea champion.”


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Change Champions-Harnessing the winds of change

Written by Barbara Higgins Posted in Blog

Change Champions-Harnessing the winds of change
I have met a few amazing people who just love change. They are energized by the challenge just around the next corner even if they don’t know what it will be.  I have to confess in the spectrum of comfort with change, it takes me a bit more effort. 

The term “Change Champion” summons a vision of leading a team to victory.  Some leaders have an innate natural energy for this role and can inspire a team to action.  The challenge for me is balancing the comfort of valued processes built over time with an appetite for new ideas and change.  The good news is that simple time and effort is all that is necessary for anyone to activate our energy to become change champions.

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Creating Your Leadership Credo or Mantra

Written by Michelle Braden, CEO Posted in Blog

Creating Your Leadership Credo or Mantra

The word “mantra” has a few different meanings.  One of the definitions means, “an instrument of thought” (Wikipedia).  A credo is “a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions” ( A few weeks ago, I was writing up my thoughts on leadership to share with a new team member.  In doing so, I realized I created a list that makes up my personal leadership credo or mantra.

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