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CASE STUDY: Corporate Leadership Development


A local government organization asked MSBCoach to co-develop a leadership development program. This program was to be focused on key upper middle management and developing them into executive leaders.


Through a series of MSBC-led facilitated sessions with senior leaders and influencers from all parts of the organization, the key program topics were defined as:

  • Transition: Bridging the gap from manager to leader
  • Authentic Leadership: leading out of values and passions
  • Team Leadership: building trust and buy-in to create engagement and ownership
  • Organizational Leadership- focusing on vision and strategy
  • Succession Planning: developing these participants for specific promotions

To accomplish these objectives MSBC developed a 9 month program that included the pairing training development workshops (1/2 day classes that were interactive and included small group projects; individual work; reading assignments); and individual coaching for every participant.


Of the over 45 leaders (in two cohorts) completed this program, about 15% of the leaders have been promoted to senior / executive levels and another were 25% promoted to higher levels. Our client reported that leaders are more fulfilled and passionately committed to the organization. They found that many teams were more effective and in were working toward the larger vision - not just their own area.

MSBC was proud to receive a leadership excellence award for program development and execution, but more important to us are some of fantastic accomplishments of our participants:

  • One person working to find her executive voice – specifically when and how to speak up and overcome fear – did just that and was able to get the things they wanted for themselves and their team. Not only did she overcome fear and reduce frustration, but she increased her credibility and earned a promotion.

CASE STUDY: Executive Coaching


A Vice President of a major financial institution requested the assistance of our coach to help him to better navigate his relatively new position in a new organization. This was a brand new position and department, and he was getting pushback about how he was building the programs. He also had a challenge in working for his boss who had strong differing opinions. As a seasoned and experienced leader and entrepreneur, his skill set and experience were also well suited to the next level in his career path, and thus his sights were set on promotion within the year.


Over the course of a year and a half, our coach worked with him to learn to communicate effectively to get buy in and build trust in his ideas with other leaders in an organization that was very ‘left brained’ and he is ‘right brained’. Even though his different way of thinking was exactly why he was brought into the organization in the first place, he had to learn how to effectively communicate and influence in order to affect the change that they wanted him to create.

The MSBC coach laid out a plan to work with this executive to:

  • Think strategically about specific ways to communicate effectively with different thinking preferences.
  • Focus his efforts on driving results and creating meaningful change in his organization.
  • Learn nuanced skills in building relationships and trust


He was promoted to the next level after coaching for a year and this was within two years of hire – reporting directly to the SR. VP / CEO. He is also now seeing successful launching and traction of many new programs – showing that the trust and buy-in has been created and is getting stronger.

Key to the success of this coaching engagement was:

  • He was always prepared with real issues to the table and then embraced working on them.
  • The trust between coach and coachee allowed for total openness and trust in conversations.
  • He excelled in setting goals and using his coach as accountability partner.
  • When something wasn’t working, he showed great tenacity and brought results of efforts back and asked for guidance.



CASE STUDY: Individual 360 evaluation


A senior leader at a large federal government agency hired MSBC to coach him based on previous successful engagements with the organization and the validity of the tools and assessments we use. Although he had seen much success, the 360 evaluation conducted identified a need to work on relationship building with his team to overcome their intimidation of him.


Having had Long term military career, as he transitioned into a civilian role, it was important to also transition his directive leadership approach to a more inspiring and coaching style.

With the help of his coach, he began by reflecting on people that he respects, values and has a strong relationship with, he narrowed in how those relationships were created and how trust and loyalty were won. As that information was translated into the workplace, he has been able to create and follow a plan to build relationships.


He admits that at first, he was only ‘checking the box’, but he has since found that he is enjoying learning more about his team. He has seen his team become more engaged and bought-in, and he was still able remaining true to his personality. Both his ongoing commitment and his own increased engagement have been keys to seeing more success his and his team’s efforts.

** This can have no attribution to the organization or his position (diversity)

Client: sr. level leader at NGA
Organization: federal govt.
Date/Timeframe: 4 yrs
Number of Participants and Levels: highlight leader