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Joe, a life-long learner, has lived and worked in several countries including: Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He considers these experiences transformational and key to his personal growth. This exposure has helped Joe to listen, understand, connect with and work alongside many different types of people.

Joe has degrees in Bio-Medical Communications, Instructional Design, Linguistics and Administration and has held positions as a Teacher, Program Director, Instructional Designer, Knowledge Manager, Trainer, Facilitator, Business Advisor, Change Manager and Coach. His work has included the fields of education, business consulting, financial services, healthcare, insurance and hospitality.

Joe enjoys his dogs, reading and exploring the world of organic whole-leaf, loose-leaf teas (especially Assam). Joe strives to be a grateful, non-judgmental and kind. His dogs are among his best teachers.

Proudest Professional Achievement and Why?

I was responsible for a department/program and asked to double revenue in five years. I was able to achieve this in two years because of my hard work, dedication and desire to help people.

Proudest Person Achievement and Why? 

I graduated with a master’s degree from Harvard. It was hard work and I learned a great deal – most importantly: humility.

Three words someone else would use to describe me:

Intense, curious, good listener

I consider a day of success if: 

If I forgive someone (including myself).

The toughest challenge I've ever faced is: 

Failing biochemistry and being asked to leave medical school as a result.

Favorite Quote: 

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
- Philo