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Chris Heinz

Coaching Certifications

Certified Professional Life Coach
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
REALIFE Process® Certified Facilitator
Highlands Certified Consultant
RightPath Certified Facilitator
iEnneagram® Certified Facilitator


CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder®)
Highlands Ability Battery
RightPath 4 and 6
RightPath 360
Values and Needs

Chris coaches and trains business professionals and teams to align their life and work with their personality, purpose, and priorities. He has worked with over 100 teams, delivered over 250 workshops, and coached over 500 hours using assessments, models, and areas of focus.

His speciality is helping individuals to identify, aim, and grow their strengths and abilities; equip them to build stronger teams; and show them how to create an ideal work environment. Chris believes that everyone can live without regrets, make meaningful impact, and have consistent joy.

His most popular workshops are: Working From Your Strengths, Top Employee Engagement Strategies, Five Ways To Create An Ideal Life And Work Fit, and Leading From Your Strengths.

Chris started off in software sales, then moved to software marketing for EnergyCAP. Although he was successful, he realized his work was missing something. Chris went through a process of coaching and reflection, and realized he wanted to work directly with people.

So Chris pivoted to Human Resources, completed a few certifications, and began training people. He used CliftonStrengths, RightPath and the Enneagram with the company and began helping employees with employee engagement. As a result, other organizations began inviting him to help their teams. He became a top-rated Learning Partner for Penn State.

Juggling a full-time job and busy side business was too much, so Chris resigned from EnergyCAP to focus on his own company. That opened up the possibility to live anywhere, so his family moved from central PA to Charlottesville, VA in July 2022.

Now Chris serves clients locally and remotely as a coach and trainer. He is adjunct faculty to the Trinity Fellows Leadership Program and has spoken at events for Gallup, International Enneagram Association, and SHRM. He lives in Charlottesville with his family and two dogs. In his spare time, Chris enjoys working out and traveling. 

Proudest Professional Achievement and Why? 
Shifting my career path from marketing to people development by becoming Chief People Officer at a software company and simultaneously building a side business around coaching and training that eventually became successful enough that I resigned from company to run my business full-time; I’m proud of the big risks I took, the learning and growth I gained, and the people I served. 

Proudest Personal Achievement and Why? 
Marrying my wife because she is way out of my league and I made a complete fool of myself on our first date, but she wanted to be with me anyway. Most good things in my life flow from my relationship with her.

Three words someone else would use to describe me:
Engaging, helpful, kind 

I consider a day a success if:
I have paid attention to the people around me.

Favorite Quote:
“You were made and set here to give voice to this–your own astonishment.” (Annie Dillard)