Bob Kolodinsky, ACC, PhD

Bob is a certified professional coach specializing in leadership coaching, team effectiveness, and workshop customization and facilitation. He enjoys working on complex, multi-faceted issues with executives, supervisors at all levels, teams, high-potentials, and small business owners.   

A four-time business owner who also managed sales personnel in a large hospital supplies firm, Bob recently transitioned to coaching from nearly 20 years as a business professor, center director, and executive MBA instructor teaching leadership, business ethics, interpersonal skills, and organizational behavior. He has more than 20 academic publications on leadership and other organizational topics. 

Bob’s business doctorate specialized in organizational behavior and human resources management. He also earned a master’s degree in counseling and human systems. Both graduate degrees were from Florida State University. Most of Bob’s coaching coursework was with the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  

Bob enjoys challenging those he coaches to not only navigate current work and career challenges, but also to continuously learn. As such, his coaching applies relevant evidence-based leadership and team effectiveness models - along with podcasts and readings - to the coaching issues posed.  

Outside the workplace, Bob is active with church activities, coaches sports, and enjoys playing golf, pickleball, and guitar. He loves to read nonfiction and almost anything that furthers his knowledge of workplace-related behavior. Bob lives in Rockingham County with his counseling psychologist spouse and volleyball-obsessed teen daughter. 

Proudest Professional Achievement and Why? Earning a doctorate and then tenure as a business professor. Why? Previously a business owner focused on getting financial results, the pivot to a successful career in academia was out of my comfort zone which required exercising cognitive muscles I didn’t know I had!  

Proudest Personal Achievement and Why? Successfully setting boundaries for when I work and, as a result, better navigating work, family, church, and community service activities.  

Three words someone else would use to describe me: encouraging, learner, listener 

I consider a day a success if: I’m able to do my daily devotions, accomplish my most important goal for the day, exercise, encourage someone, and have time with family or friends. 

Favorite Quotes: “He not busy being born is busy dying.” (Bob Dylan) and “Be curious, not judgmental” (origin unknown; heard on “Ted Lasso”)