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MSBCoach Leaders Who Coach &

Coaching Culture Experience

Learn and enhance coaching skills for leaders and team members to increase trust, improve agility, and create a dynamic, engaging environment.

Using coaching skills in everyday workplace interactions creates a more committed, innovative, and agile workforce. Conversation barriers that limit your team or organization’s nimbleness, engagement, and contributions are removed. Leaders and team members build trust in one another, and productivity and ownership increase. Scaling coaching skills throughout your organization to build a coaching culture, creates an environment where possibilities, ideas, and commitments soar. A coaching culture positions your organization to increase its bottom line and successfully navigate change and disruption.

The MSBCoach Leaders Who Coach & Coaching Culture Experience empowers leaders and team members to embrace learning and curiosity and shift to a coaching mindset focused on growth and development in their engagements with others. This experience can benefit individuals who want to improve their coaching skills, as well as organizations that want to scale coaching skills throughout every level and build a coaching culture. We offer flexible, scalable options to meet your needs.

Coaching Skills for Leaders:
Leaders Who Coach Experience

Led by MSBCoach

Gain the tools and skills to support and empower you and your team members to tap into their individual talents and achieve their highest potential. Learn to use listening, curiosity, and partnership to guide your interactions with others and create trusting relationships.

Creating a Coaching Culture:
The Coaching Culture Experience

Train-the-Trainer: MSBCoach Gives Your Talent Professionals the Tools to Implement

Help every employee in your organization understand the value in using a coaching approach, develop a common language, and build effective coaching skills as appropriate for their level.

The Experience

This is not simply a “one and done” training program. This is an experience that empowers you – and members of your organization – to create a life-long shift to build better, more trusting relationships in both your personal and professional lives. No matter where you are in the organization, you can benefit from incorporating coaching skills into your life. The experience and learning outcomes vary based on your leader level.

Experience I
The Foundation

Experience II
A Deeper Dive

Experience III
Creating the Vision

Audience: All levels of leadership and team members Mid-Senior Leaders and Influencers who have completed Experience I Senior Leaders and Influencers who have completed Experiences I and II
Delivery: Two ½-day virtual sessions Two ½-day virtual sessions Two ½-day virtual sessions
Focus: Foundational coaching skills:
  • What is coaching?
  • Improved listening and questioning skills
Intermediate coaching skills:
  • Deeper listening and questioning
  • Understanding and appreciating your own coaching style
Advanced coaching skills:
  • Understanding biases, mindsets, and belief systems
  • Creating and implementing the vision for a coaching culture within your sphere of influence

Let Michelle Braden walk you through the program experience and outcomes in more detail:

Why choose MSBCoach’s leadership coaching solutions:

  • We have decades of experience using our proven, proprietary content and models to help executives improve their coaching skills.

  • Unlike other offerings, this isn’t a training session, it’s a way of life. We give you applicable, easy-to-use knowledge and tools that enable you to make a permanent coaching leadership shift.

  • Our solutions are certified by the International Coach Federation for continuing education units.

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