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WC image 03 Employees are the core of every organization- the most essential element for succes. You can create a competitive advantage using a resource you already have-- your workforce. Engaging your employees-- motivating, energizing and focusing them for the work you do together every day- is the best strategy to ensure your organization's success and increase your bottom line. ACCT 13


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WC image 1070& of US workers are either not engaged at work, or actively disengaged, costing our economy $450-550 Billion every year. 

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WC image 15Companies that don't engage their employees have 79% lower productivity, resulting in 78% lower profitability.




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Engaged employees arrive committed to your organization, work hard to make it more significant, and take personal pride and satisfaction in its success.
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Engaging your core adds strength to other efforts-- letting you lift more, sprint faster, jump higher, stretch farther, both physically and metaphorically.
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Employee employees are aligned and integrated. They understand what they personally contribute, and how that supports a broader, shared goal.



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*Executive coaching - another set of clothes for the Emperor?

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