Our Coaching Process

Our coaching model - Click for more information

The types of coaching we offer:

Our coaching process is a 6-month commitment and includes the following:

  • 2 coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited email support from the coach
  • Coachee completes a new client packet
  • Coachee completes Emergenetics (Human Behavior Assessment - Neuro-Science based)
  • Coachee completes an EQ (Learning in Action) Assessment
  • Coachee's supervisor completes a questionnaire on the coachee (to help focus the coaching and outcomes desired)
  • There are a minimum of 3 joint coaching sessions during the 6-month process with the Coach, Coachee and Coachee's supervisor.
    • The first is to review the new client packet and supervisor's questionnaire as well as to set outcomes desired
    • The second is mid-way through and a check point to see how the progress is going
    • The third is the final session to review how we did and if we will continue coaching
    • All coaching is confidential
    • Coachee is encouraged and given the tools to manage any crucial or inspirational conversations with their team, boss, peers or stakeholders.  These types of conversations can be facilitated in joint sessions with their coach