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Peak Performance Workshop

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High performing people recognize that their present reality is only temporary, and they can create change for themselves. Your life is shaped largely by your beliefs, and these beliefs can help you or prevent you from reaching your potential. Accomplishing more and improving the quality of your life is not a matter of working harder but thinking differently. In changing the way you think, you can change the way you act.

Leading with Courage

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In this all new webinar, you will learn: How leaders can leverage True vision, What it means to have True values, Just what True connection really means, and How to use True words to your advantage.

This will be a webinar that you will not want to miss!

The Brand: YOU!

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In this rapidly increasing pace of change you have less time than ever to make your professional mark.

Personal Branding creates a platform from which to express your strengths and the value that you deliver. Your brand is not created but rather it is unearthed. Your credibility, ability, visibility, personality, and personal style all make up your brand. It differentiates you from others in this ultra-competitive environment.

Answering the WHY?

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As leaders we are pretty good at the “what and how” of our business.

We tell what needs to be done and what results are needed. We explain how it is to be done and how it will be measured. But when was the last time talked about “why”? Better yet, when was the last time one of your employees asked, “Why?” If people get the “why”, they will get the results.

Join us as we talk about the importance of “Why”.

What you will take away:

  • The value and importance of asking and seeking “Why”
  • How to connect the “why” to daily task/routines
  • Important questions that you should want your employees to ask
  • How the “why” improves engagement
  • Understanding how the “why” impacts the bottom line

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