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Do Your Critical Thinking Skills Set You Apart or Hold You Back?

Presented by Michelle Braden, CEO Posted in Webinars

Do Your Critical Thinking Skills Set You Apart or Hold You Back?


Critical Thinking is a crucial skill for leaders to possess if they are to be successful. This webinar will empower you with the information you need to evaluate your current critical thinking proficiencies, determine areas for improvement, and enhance your thinking skills. We will explore 3 areas: reasoning, self-knowledge and insight. We will also examine critical thinking strategies of successful leaders. You will learn thinking strategies that will boost your abilities in the cognitive domains that are crucial to being an outstanding leader.


Customize to Connect

Presented by Stasia Rice Posted in Webinars

Generational Impacts on Serving Your Customers

Customize to Connect

Business leaders are currently faced with serving five different generations of customers. Each of these generational cohorts have distinct needs and expectations when it comes to their service and support. In order to better capture and retain their business, it is increasingly important for leaders to understand each of these cohorts and customize their approach. 

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • the preferences of each of the five generational cohorts:
    • Traditionalists,
    • Baby Boomers,
    • Gen X,
    • Millennials, and
    • Gen Z
  • actionable strategies for customizing your service, marketing, and support to each


Become a Champion of Change

Presented by JoAnn Auger Posted in Webinars

Become a Champion of Change

Most of us like the idea of being the champion of something that interests us or championing a cause that we are passionate about. We will endure the hard work and set-backs because we believe in what we are doing. I'm willing to bet that your organization is looking for some champions! 

How would you like to be the Change Champion in your organization? Why, you ask? Change, especially organizational change, requires more than management or even leadership at times. Change will be most effective and lasting if there are people who believe in it and are passionate about it. Change needs someone who will champion it and nurture its development. 

If you want more effective change, become a Change Champion! In this webinar we will: 
• Define the role of the Change Champion 
• Create effective communication strategies 
• Identify the early adopters, hiders, resistors and lagers 
• Discuss ways to engage and onboard others into the change 

Executive Presence: Cracking the Code

Presented by Michelle Braden, CEO Posted in Webinars, All Posts

Executive Presence: Cracking the Code

Executive Presence, or EP, has become a common term in leadership development; however it is not easily defined and can be a challenge to identify what a leader needs to do in order to establish it.  

Is EP the way you dress, talk (voice tone... inflection), or enter a room? Or perhaps it’s the way you choose a seat at the table, handle conflict, or build trust?  Maybe, it's how you communicate or use your body language?  Indeed, EP can be a confusing and nuanced skill set.  In this webinar we will explore:

  • A workable definition of EP
  • How to identify your current EP 
  • Creating a plan to grow and develop your EP 
  • How to use this knowledge in order to be more successful as a leader 

Leaders of all levels benefit from a strong Executive Presence; watch to evaluate your own EP and learn ways to sharpen your skills.

Visionary Leadership – A Sustainable Strategy

Presented by Barbara Higgins Posted in Webinars, All Posts

Visionary Leadership – A Sustainable Strategy

Strategy and vision are vital skills for today’s leaders. In a quickly changing world, a leader must develop the vision to foresee how to evolve as an organization. So how do you develop your vision and bring your leadership team into the right discussions for planning? Having a knowledgeable guide for your process can make all the difference. 

To develop your leadership vision, we will review tried and tested tools to impact effective planning, to include:
• How do you inspire participation and buy-in for creating a future strategy? 
• What process and how much time should be devoted to long-term planning? 
• How can you create dynamic discussions to encourage vision and define future success? 
• How do you ensure that your strategy is actually turned into action plans? 

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