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with Susan J. Thomas, Ph.D, IBM Global Business Services, Organization & People Consulting Practice and MSBCoach

Business leaders are well aware of the significant advantages to implementing technology to manage their business. They have examined options, run calculations, and determined that the best path forward is to implement a new corporate-wide technology platform. They clearly see the business benefits to be accrued – often three or more years into the future. Decisions made in the board room must be implemented in the field by the end users and their managers. How do you ‘get’ people to change the way they work using new tools – at the same time they are keeping up with the tight time requirements of a retail organization?

In this webinar, Susan will share her experiences leading the Organization Change Management workstream for a corporate wide technology implementation for a large department store chain. She will share how her team developed and managed a change readiness strategy to gain significant support, including communications, stakeholder management, and training development. The client is delighted, end users are successfully working in new ways with new technology, and business benefits are starting to be realized.

This webinar will answer the following three questions:

  • What are the critical success factors in managing key stakeholders?
  • What were the most effective communication techniques in gaining buy-in from the end users?
  • What techniques are most successful in building change champions?

About Susan Thomas

Susan J. Thomas is Managing Consultant with IBM Business Consulting Services, Human Capital Solutions. She works with a variety of clients and companies to provide consulting services in the areas of skills competency analysis (which includes different types of questionnaires), certification test development and skills assessment, questionnaire development (both paper-based and Web-based), and training evaluation. She also assists clients with data-based decision making by helping them design question-naires and by performing statistical analysis and data mining to help them make recommendations and create action plans. Prior to joining the IBM Corporation, she was a measurement statistician and test development specialist with the Educational Testing Service. She was also an adjunct professor at Rider University, where she taught graduate courses in research methods (including questionnaire design), testing and measurement for teachers, basic statistics, and authentic assessment.

Previously, she was a faculty member at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Florida State University, where she taught courses in measurement, research design, and various areas of educational and developmental psychology. She has directed numerous funded research projects, has presented extensively at the annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association and the National Council for Measurement in Education, and has served as a Divisional Vice President of the American Educational Research Association. She has published several journal articles, as well as Evaluation Without Fear with coauthor Roger Kaufman, and Designing Surveys That Work!, a predecessor to the current book. She conducts workshops for teachers on topics related to assessment and has developed many training guides for these workshops. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and received her Ph.D. from Purdue University.